Online Bandar Q Agents

In Asian countries, gambling is one of the biggest taboos. Gambling is something that is considered completely unacceptable in the Asian countries but recently, gambling and online casinos have started to spread out in the Asian continent as well as the rest of the world because of the modernity of the social media and accessibility of everything anywhere. Bandar Q is also a type of casino game that is played through cards and on online casinos. There are many agents that have all the casino games on one platform and they are usually the most famous because people do not have to make separate accounts on separate website to enjoy their favorite casino games. The best Agen BandarQ Online are as follows:

Party Poker:

Party poker is a very famous online casino and is one of the biggest on the internet. Gambling has reached Indonesia quite recently and it has spread out like fire in minimum time. It ahs one of the best software for gambling websites and the bonuses they offer are enough to last the player a month that they give to their new users as trial period so that they can get to know the website without betting their own money.


This is mostly for iPhone users since it is available on that software, but it is ranked number 4th on the list of the most famous websites that offer online gambling. Even though the player base of this website is not that strong it is certainly on the path of making it as strong as any other website. The only reason for a weak customer base is the limited availability of the website otherwise it has great software and functions and variety of games.

Full tilt:

Full tilt is an online casino that was introduced in 2004 and quickly became one of the largest online casino on the internet. However, it all went down the drain when it was unable to pay out its customers after an event of Black Friday in 2011.  After that, a rival casino Poker Stars stepped in and saved the website by paying all the players and bringing the website to a suitable level again. The best feature of this website is that it is backed up by Poker Stars and that makes it instantly reliable to use and bet money on.